Philosophy and Intent


The Mission of Statickinetic Studios is simple.
To allow you, The Captian (Artist)
To guide this ship (Song)
with the my help as your Navigator (Producer)

Whether that be an Album of songs,
a theme for film,
or a score for a video game.

My sole intent is for Statickinetic Studios
to support your vision of a sonic experience.

instrument tracking room at Statickinetic Studios

Portfolio Highlights


Jesse Gunn
Statickinetic Studios

email: Statickinetic Studios


20 years composition
10 years mixing
10 year engineering
5 years production

6 Original for film themes
5 Solo Produced Performed albums under the name 'Warmer'
released under the record label 3am Devices

Examples of Statickinetic Studio Projects


Inside the vocal booth in Statickinetic Studios

Studio Credits

03/04 Warmer - College Core - EP
06/04 Exit Zero 7 inch
06/05 flex15 Warmer - Warmer - EP
07/05 Diffuse - EP
10/05 flex24 Various Artists - Ghastly: Warmer - "Dying to See You"
02/06 flex37 Warmer - 1. to become, in some respects, different; LP
07/06 flexpro2 Various Artists: Furniture Fire: Warmer - "The Bleakness Of Conformity"
08/06 Slamm'n Annie (theme for film)
10/06 flex50 Various Artists - Black Rubber Bats: Warmer - "Spider Parts"
11/06 My Show is Better than Your Show (theme for television)
12/06 flexpro3 Various Artists - Multifarious: Warmer - "Nothing Yet (Greedy Master Mix)"
02/07 flex37+ limited edition Warmer - 1. to become, in some respects, diffent; (8 bonus trax)
04/07 flex60 Warmer - 1.1 LP
06/07 flex65 Asp - Pearl LP (Warmer remix of 'talk' corporate remaster mix)
07/07 flexpro4 Various Artists: Unnatrual Naturism: Warmer - "Lounge for the Dinosaurs C64 Mix"
07/07 The Legend of the Bunnyman (theme for film
04/08 Remaster Analog tape to Digital Format Sony Cassette 70's vintage
06/08 Remaster of Analog tape recording to Digital CD 'The Roads House Blues 88'
09/08 Siegewerks - EP
02/09 3am Devices - Warmer - 'Rocket 009' LP
06/09 Josh Hedlund 'Goodnight' EP
08/09 Remaster Analog tape to Digital CD 'The Rovering Gambler'
01/10 Nuala Merne - LP Master
02/10 Mick Croon - Superbabe single
03/10 Dawyna Clarine 'Our Mother'
03/10 Jon Myra
07/10 Sjofn - Secret LP
09/10 Score and FX for 'Black Market' for
11/10 3am Devices - Warmer - 'The Tragic Evolution of Desire' LP
12/10 Score and FX for 'Goblin War machine' for
3/11 Score and FX for 'A. Typical RPG' for
4/11 Score and FX for 'Super Goblin War machine' for

For additional contacts and references please email me at

Studio Projects

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

'The Tragic Evolution of Desire' is Finished!

Hello internet,

'The Tragic Evolution of Desire' is finished. Like many of my previous albums, it's meant as a concept piece of music. I dug deeper and exposed more things personal in a way like I have never done before. This was my life. I find it best enjoyed in one sitting if you possibly have the time.

Release dates to follow shortly until then please visit my label

Voyager now 'black market' BETA!

Voyager has now become 'Black Market'

We just went beta, and I must say "It's AWESOME!"

So happy to be part of this project. :

Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Warmer is working on now...

Finishing up instrumental tracks for the upcoming game 'voyager' from Big Block Games, out of New Zealand.

Finalizing the mix and master of 'the tragic evolution of desire'

Warmer's 5th solo release and 4th full length LP